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Tie the Profit and Loss statement to sales compensation using Strength Based LEAN/Six Sigma Processes | taught by Kevin Klump

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Course Curriculum

7.0 CM GP Solve Process
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Course description

This Course in now available to CM Global Partners

With access to a Proprietary Financial Software Tool, this course will enable CM Global Partners to provide consulting services to clients who want to apply Strength Based Lean Six Sigma Processes in the design of sales compensation programs, which are tied directly to the clients P&L.

Participants are introduced to Lean processes, to the steps necessary to develop a consulting engagement that will deliver Sales compensation solutions, and the process steps required to complete a successful client engagement.

Content Includes:

1- LEAN Theory and Tools

2- Strength Based LEAN/Six Sigma Theory and Processes

3- Sales Compensation documentation

4- Current State Assessment Tools

5- Needs Analysis Tools

6- The application of Economic Efficiency and Pareto Optimality

7- Administration solution documents

8- Sales application documentation

9- Reference Documentation

- All the documents provided can be customized to your company and your companies logo.

As a partner all this information is for the development of your business and further customers.

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Kevin Klump
Kevin Klump
Director CM GlobalPartners

LEAN Sensei with extensive experience in applying LEAN to manufacturing, and Virtual processes such as business, software, and sales.

Kevin Klump