(CMMAS) - Mastering The Art Of Sales Force Compensation - Real Estate

Learn how to design and apply sales compensation programs to your company | taught by David Cocks

Course description

A variety of sales compensation concepts will be presented throughout the course. As you review the nature of the various compensation plans used, you will be entering the plans into CompensationMaster proprietary software and comparing the sales rep share using charts and graphs. You will analyze and compare the financial impact of the plans on the sales reps and thereby discover when plans are competitive and when they are not.

The compensation plans are tied directly to the P/L during creation of sales compensation plans and each sales rep now becomes a profit center.

This course shows the affect that different compensation plans can have on a company's profitability, sales force recruiting, retention and improving market share.

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This course requires the use of proprietary software that will be licensed to the participant once enrolled and will stay active on the participants PC (Mac version not available) for the 60 day course duration. Once enrolled, there are no refunds for not completing the course within the allotted time frame.

Once you enroll in the course you must email David@cmglobalpartners.com to obtain a license.

Please follow these email instructions to obtain your software license:

1- Copy and paste the following into the Subject of the email.

"CMMAS Course Software License Request"

2 - Copy and paste the following into the body of the email.

"I have read the Enrollment Notice and understand that the software license is for use on a single PC and I will not receive a refund once the course and software license have been issued."

Allow 2 business days for us to license you and send your license and download instructions.

Your license will remain active for at least 60 days during the time frame of the course.

>>>Once the course is complete the software will become inactive and nothing further is required of you and you will not incur any further charges.

If you wish to maintain a software license the participant must be sponsored by a CM Global Partner Compensation Coach. Please send requests for sponsorship to David@cmglobalpartners.com

In the subject enter “Request for a COMPENSATION COACH”

David Cocks
David Cocks
CEO, CM Global Partners


Course Curriculum

Mastering The Art Of Sales Force Compensation -(CMMAS)
​ENROLLMENT NOTICE: Getting access to the software
Book - Compensation Planning The Key To Profitablility
SECTION A​ - 1.0_Course Caveat - Notice of Intent FREE
_Legal Caveat Quiz
1.1 Message To The Participants
1.2 Course Outline
1.3 Introduction and Course Objectives FREE
1.4e Interaction with the Software
1.5e - The Incremental Plan
1.6e - The Retroactive Plan
1.6.2e - Case Study A
1.6.3 - Case Study A - Discussion
_Downloading Progress files
1.7e - The 100% Plan
1.8e - The High Split Plan with Charge Backs
1.9 Case Study B - Agent and Plan Relationship
1.9.1e Case Study B-Discussion
2.0e Brief Review of Key Points
2.1e The Rolling Average Plan
2.2e The Effect of Combined Schedules
2.3.0e Case Study "C"
2.3.0e Video - Case Study "C" Combined Schedule2
2.3.1e After Off The Top Fees
2.3.2e The Basic Plus Plan
2.3.3e Expressing Splits In Different Terms
2.4e Case Study "C" - Wrap Up Exercises
​SECTION B - 3.0 Course Outline
3.1e - Introduction and Course Objectives
3.2.0e BreakEven
3.4e Contribution Margin
3.4.2e Exploring Break Even
3.5e Business Summary
_Example 2B Download File
3.6e The Company Profits
3.7e The Fixed Expense Per Agent
3.8e The Fixed Expense Divisor (FPE)
3.9e High and Low Producers
SECTION C - Pulling it all together
_Example 2C Download
4.0e Understanding Graphs, Charts and Alias
__Example 2F Download
4.1.0e Designing Profitable and Attractive Compensation Plans
4.2.e Meeting The Competition
__Example 2D Download
4.3.0 Case Study 2D
4.4.0 Course Q&A
BRI - Business Risk Index Video
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